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With a diverse background spanning design consultancies, Fortune 500 corporates, tech start-ups, and IT companies, I have cultivated a well-rounded expertise in the field of design. My career began with a service-based startup, where I immersed myself in the world of UI and UX design while honing my client communication skills.

Transitioning to a product company, I assumed the role of a creative head, leading a team of 13 individuals and taking charge of end-to-end product delivery. Responsible for conceptualization and execution, I ensured that each project met and exceeded client expectations.

Currently, as a UX specialist at Ericsson, I am entrusted with conducting thorough user research, crafting innovative product designs, and performing rigorous user testing to optimize the user experience. Additionally, I actively manage stakeholder relationships, aligning project objectives with business goals.


Education & Experience

Sep 2017 - Present

UX Architect

Ericsson India Global Services (R&D)

Working on Ericsson Mediation, a converged mediation product that enhances billing accuracy between network and business support systems. Responsible for user research, stakeholder analysis, designing new features, and user navigation. Lead wireframing and visual design implementation, while managing stakeholders and clients, ensuring on-time delivery, and conducting usability testing and prototyping for optimal outcomes.

Aug 2014 - Sep 2017

Creative Head

Sigrid Education Services

As the leader of a 13-person design team, we excelled in delivering successful product features and enhancing user interfaces across diverse domains, including e-commerce, ed-tech, and insurance products. My primary goal was to translate business insights into elegant design solutions, creating seamless and impactful experiences for users.

Jul 2011 - Aug 2014

UI/UX Designer


Working in a service-based company, I had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous clients on diverse projects, including EdTech, e-commerce, reservation systems, and booking apps. My primary focus was on crafting compelling UX and UI designs to enhance the overall user experience of these applications.

2008 - 2012

Bachelor Degree of Computer Science & Engineering

Uttar Pradesh Technical University


My Specializations

User Research

As a product user researcher, I employ a range of effective methodologies, including persona research, ethnographic interviews, contextual enquiry, card sorting, and few other methods. These approaches allow me to gain invaluable insights into user behaviors and preferences, facilitating the creation of user-centered and successful products.I extensively utilize UXTweak and Optimal Workshop for my projects, leveraging their capabilities to gain valuable user insights and optimize the user experience.

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Product Design

My role revolves around crafting solutions based on user research data, with a strong emphasis on keeping the user at the core of the entire design process. Utilizing tools like Figma, Adobe XD, and Illustrator, I create user-centered designs that address their needs and preferences effectively.

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User Testing

User testing is a pivotal aspect of my design process, guaranteeing product quality. For B2C projects, I favor guerilla testing, while for enterprise applications, I opt for moderate usability testing. Additionally, tree testing and surveys aid in obtaining valuable quantitative analysis to further enhance the user experience.

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My Case Studies

Digital Diary

Juggling studies and memorizing vast amounts of information can be daunting for school students. This application offers a convenient solution, making it effortless to organize and manage school tasks, allowing students to breeze through their academic responsibilities with ease.

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Finding like-minded individuals with the specific skill set for your group, projects, band, or business can be challenging. However, this application simplifies the process by connecting you with nearby individuals and enabling you to schedule meetups for further discussions and collaborations.

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Workshop & Awards

Ericsson Hackathon VII
Slogan Winner, Ericsson | Sep, 2022

Experience Design Conference
Stockholm, Sweden | Oct, 2018

The Habits of Highely effective People
Ericsson | Sep, 2019

Ericsson R&D 15 Years
Logo Winner, Ericsson | Sep, 2019

6 Thinking Hats
Ericsson | Sep, 2018

Ericsson Hackathon VI
Logo Winner, Ericsson | Sep, 2018

Ericsson Power Award
Ericsson | Jun, 2018

Design Award
Official Portal design, Effectlabs | Jun, 2013


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